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Survival is the last word!

poster:admin posttime:2015-01-04 21:21:04 clicks:6

2014's stone industry in the doldrums, transformation, restructuring, upgrading the industry flagship word. Most parts of the country, "the property is priceless and no city" is undoubtedly a source of low industry, decoration industry, designers are timber industry development status of the main promoter.

Until then review three decades of China's stone industry from scratch history, came to realize that you are not the same phenomenon: the birth of China's stone industry from the beginning like a float in mid-air garden, do not take on heaven, without ground gas, destined after a brief flowers Hang, will face no margin to let it float, dying state. So, you want the world on even ground, only to jump out of the garden of the original framework, built on the bottom of each link of communication with the bridge, in order to completely change the status quo.

Fortunately, many business owners have realized the danger of rock beneath the rootless own "garden" where they searching everywhere prospecting and mining in the hands trying to solve the "downstream" basic problem. But the problem is basically the top, there are still a. This top of the problem is clearly downstream problems than more complex, difficult, and this happens to be the key to solving the problem of existence of stone companies, who did not solve, who is living in danger.

This upper layer, comprehensively understood to refer to all stone end user. During the peak of stone applications, application tooling stone gradually peak, at this stage how the stone business can do a lot of money, where the need to think too much about. So more and more people join the industry, stone industry abuzz finally reached unprecedented prosperity, until 2012 the market began to show declining demand signal ...... frightening is that until this time, the stone industry is not a few people to really think about this industry, "Past and Present", not thinking based on origin and development of its existence, just blindly follow the trend of expansion with each other. Then, slowly formed a "floating garden effect" within the meaning of the foregoing. 2014, finally brought the consequences of this effect, the enterprise to the critical point of survival and extinction. Finally, people began to awake, okay, too late, too late, but lost some sheep become inevitable. We might as well call it a true industry reshuffle.

Ebb Tide, survival of the fittest. Constant constant ancient law of nature, anything can be adapted to the survival of the species continue to exist and develop, companies are the same. It is important to see who is the prospect of a more transparent, more prospective grasp the law.

As president CPEIA Zou said, "adjust the direction, respond to change, good integration, pushing the development of" Dawn is always there. With the development of architectural design, the stone had already become an important raw material in construction, decoration, roads and bridge construction. So, in fact, the industry should be more room for development of the industry, but in the critical node can safely transition, persistence, is considered the real ruler of enterprises.

Survival is the last word, we understand!